What Material Slippers Have the Best Anti-slip Effect?

If the items are not slip resistant, it is easy to slip while taking a bath. So what material of items has the best slip-resistant effect? GOOD SELLER will take you to learn about it.

EVA soles and horizontal stripes are the most slip-resistant for household items

Currently, the common soles of items are mainly TPR soles, EVA soles, and PVC soles. Among them, TPR soles are the least slip-resistant, followed by PVC, and EVA is the best. Therefore, when consumers choose items, it is best to choose EVA soles.

Under a certain normal pressure, the softer sole will undergo slight irregular deformation when in contact with the experimental surface, thereby obtaining a larger contact area and producing a larger frictional force. Therefore, the slip-resistant effect will be relatively improved. On the contrary, harder soles are more likely to slip and cause falling danger.

Therefore, soft-bottom shoes are more slip-resistant than hard-bottom items. Finally, it depends on the sole pattern of household items. The common sole patterns can be divided into: horizontal stripes, broken lines, and vertical stripes according to their slip resistance. Therefore, when choosing items, try to buy items with horizontal stripes, and the more stripes, the more slip-resistant.

The selection of indoor items for household items

After each bath, items often wet the floor, which causes great damage to the floor and is particularly prone to slipping. Therefore, it is better to have special bathroom items for household use when taking a bath.

Look at water accumulation

The first step in choosing bathroom items is to see whether the sole accumulates water. If the sole accumulates water, where you walk from the bathroom will leave water stains. Here, it is highly recommended to buy hollow items or massage items. These types of items are not easy to wet the floor.

Look at slip resistance

Bathroom items for household use must be slip-resistant in addition to not accumulating water. Why do we prefer to buy items for tens of yuan in supermarkets rather than buying items for a few yuan on Taobao? You must know that those items have non-slip soles and are easy to slip when taking a shower.

Look at comfort

The shower items you choose must not be uncomfortable, which means that the material is not good enough and makes your feet uncomfortable. Some people think that massage items will also be uncomfortable, but actually it is not. Massage items are still very comfortable after wearing them for several days. Shoes that are uncomfortable to wear will make your feet uncomfortable and unable to adapt.

Look at the interface stability

When choosing bathroom items for household use, you also need to look at whether the interface is stable. Some items are not water-accumulating and not slippery. But the interface is very easy to break. Suddenly, it breaks when you wear it, and the shoe flies out of your foot, causing the bather to slip and get injured.

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