Types of Storage Jars

Storage jars are the most familiar kitchen utensils for housewives, and it is very convenient to use them to hold some side dishes or snacks in the kitchen. But different foods also need to be stored in different storage jars, so how do we distinguish them? Next, I will introduce you to the analysis of the types of storage jars to make storage easier.

1. Stainless steel storage jar

The raw material of the stainless steel storage jar is a combination of glass bottles and stainless steel casings. It has good sealing performance and can prevent the deterioration of food caused by corrosion. It is suitable for storing tea, coffee, noodles, etc., dry It is also suitable for serving food and sweets.

2. The glass storage jar

The glass storage jar is a transparent glass jar, which allows us to clearly see whether the items inside can continue to be used. It has a sealable lid, which can be used as a seasoning jar, as well as storage in the kitchen. Yes A beautiful and practical storage jar.

3. Ceramic storage jar

Ceramic storage jars are jars made of ceramics. Ceramic bottle storage containers on the market have different shapes and styles, including Chinese and European styles, and are full of creativity. Ceramic storage jars are suitable for storing some rice, tea and other items.

4. Vacuum storage jar

The high-efficiency manual air pump of this vacuum storage jar can quickly put the fresh-keeping items in a state of low oxygen and low pressure, so that bacteria and microorganisms are not easy to breed. Through the action of vacuum negative pressure, it can achieve moisturizing, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-oxidation effects. It is very suitable for valuable items such as tonics and teas that need to be stored for a long time.

5. General storage jar

Although this kind of general storage jar has sealing performance, there is still oxygen in it, so it is not suitable for storing items that are prone to moisture. Some dry items such as beans and nuts can still be used.

There are many materials for storage jars, most of which are mainly glass and plastic. Therefore, in the process of storage, different materials should also be used to choose the best storage environment. The material of glass is relatively easy to break, so special care must be taken. There are also requirements for the choice of food stored in the storage jar. Not all food can be put into the storage jar, nor can it be guaranteed that all the things in the storage jar can be kept fresh. Therefore, it should be noted that items kept in storage jars also have their own shelf life, and you must pay attention before the shelf life. Different types of items cannot be stored together, so you can't blindly ask what's in the storage jar to guarantee its shelf life. It should deal with the quality and type of different foods, choose different matching storage and choose different types of storage devices with different materials.

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