Packaging Materials for Jewelry Boxes

The use of jewelry box packaging contains two meanings: first, in order to achieve the purpose of packaging, you can use a combination of various materials to match; second, in the use of a single material, its characteristics to the maximum.

1. Packaging and matching of jewels box packaging materials

The first meaning: to common e-commerce packaging, for example, in order to more convenient storage and delivery, its common packaging jewelry box materials are divided into three categories: outer packaging, other auxiliary packaging materials, buffer filler. The outer packaging includes corrugated boxes and waterproof bags. There are established standards for the size of corrugated outer boxes, but they are generally larger than the size of the contents and require cushioning fillers to fill the empty space. The outer box should be selected according to the weight of the contents and transportation conditions. Buffer filler can reduce the impact and vibration of the product in the transportation process, to protect the contents. With these exquisite boxes, people don't need to buy storage boxes.

Commonly used cushioning filler for bubble film, air column bags, newspaper, pearl cotton (EPE), polyurethane (EPS), pulp molding, cardboard, etc.. Other auxiliary packaging jewelry box materials include self-adhesive labels, face sheets, transparent tapes and woven bags used to provide product identification information, to ensure product sealing and moisture resistance jewelry box materials.

Point-to-point e-commerce packaging requires identification and separate protection functions, which distinguishes it from traditional packaging. Because the traditional packaging by the large and medium packaging to complete the protection, after the physical store, split into small packages for retail, only limited protection, the more important function is to promote.

Goodseller, as one of general merchandise wholesale suppliers, is able to produce various types of packaging of jewels boxes via your demands.

2. The emergence of composite materials for jewels box packaging stabilizes the floating of raw materials

The second meaning, in the case of paper jewelry box materials, for example, developed decorative packaging paper - kraft paper, paper bag paper, art paper, etc.; protective packaging paper - cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper tube; in addition, there are comprehensive packaging paper-- pulp molding products, paper composite products, etc. In particular, the emergence of composite materials has broken the boundaries between various types of packaging materials, allowing them to complement each other's strengths, and lower production costs, stabilizing the trend of floating raw materials for jewelry boxes. At the same time, it has improved the convenience and pointed out a new direction for the development of packaging jewelry box materials.

The growing strength of e-commerce is undoubtedly a major catalyst for that direction of development. In the past, products often needed to be equipped with protective large and medium packaging, as well as display small packaging. This required both corrugated cardboard boards and beautifully printed cardboard, as well as a variety of decorative papers. Now, however, more and more products are choosing cartonboard as the packaging for individual products, returning the packaging to its original purely protective function.

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