Types of Thermometer

Clinical thermometer is also called "medical thermometer". The types of thermometers are mainly divided into glass thermometers, electronic thermometers, multifunctional infrared thermometers, chip thermometers and "tablet-type" oral thermometers. 

Goodseller, as one of general merchandise manufacturers, can offer qualified thermometers according to your demands. Among them, glass thermometer is the most common thermometer. It can keep the mercury column that rises with body temperature in position, which is convenient for users to observe at any time.

1. Glass Mercury Thermometer

It is one of the most common bulk thermometers. According to the measurement of different parts of human body, it can be divided into three types: anal thermometer (thick body with round head), axillary thermometer (thin body with flat head) and oral thermometer (thin body with round head). The temperature measured by this kind of thermometer is the most accurate.

2. Electronic Digital Display Thermometer

There is only one shape of electronic thermometer. It can be used to measure anal temperature, axillary temperature or oral temperature at the same time. Usually, if the battery is not damp, it can measure about 10,000 times. Heavy fall should be avoided when using, so as to avoid circuit damage and failure. It is a kind of thermometer with digital display, which solves the weakness that glass mercury thermometer is difficult to read.

3. Sticker Thermometer

It is a kind of temperature measuring paper which is pressed on the forehead. It can be used repeatedly, and changes color according to body temperature. Because of its small size, it is very convenient to carry when traveling, but it cannot accurately measure body temperature.

4. Nipple Thermometer

The medical thermometers are mainly used to measure temperature of babies who suck milk. It is shaped like a baby's pacifier. You can measure body temperature just by putting it in your child's mouth.

5. Ear Thermometer

It is a thermometer shaped like an otoscope. Put one end in your ear, and press the "trigger" to know body temperature in one second. It can display anal temperature and oral temperature respectively.

6. Disposable Thermometer

It is a new imported thermometer in recent three or four years. Its shape is flat and large. It can measure the outlet temperature correctly. It can only be used once, which can avoid the infection of diseases, but the cost is high.

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