Methods for Wiping Eye Goggle Lenses

Ⅰ. Eye Goggle

Eye goggle is an eye protection device used to close or protect eyes. It is mainly used to prevent particles, water, chemicals, blood, body fluids and other infectious substances from invading eyes. Literature proves that wearing eye goggles is one of the most important measures to prevent blood-borne occupational exposure and infection directly.

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Fogging of eye goggles during wearing will seriously affect the sight of medical staff, increase the difficulty of operation and increase the risk of pollution, which not only affects the accuracy of operation of medical staff, but also increases the psychological pressure. So how should we wipe eye goggles?

Ⅱ. Wiping Eye Goggles Lenses

1. When using detergents to wipe eye goggles lenses, you can choose common detergents in life, such as detergent, soapy water, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc. Apply a proper amount of detergent to the inner layer of the lens with cotton swabs or gauze, and let it stand to dry for later use. Before wearing eye goggles, wipe off the previously applied and dried detergent with gauze. When using this method, you need to wait for the detergent to dry and the goggles only can be used after wiping. The preparation time is long, and the antifogging effect cannot be obtained immediately. However, the detergents are easy to obtain and the cost is low

2. When using iodophor to smear eye goggle lenses, you need to smear iodophor evenly on the inner layer of eye goggles and wear them after drying. This method is also commonly used for anti-fog of endoscope lens in operating room. The principle is that ionic iodine changes into molecular iodine after iodophor is coated on the surface, which exerts oxidation to form a protective film. At the same time, studies have confirmed that iodine-containing aqueous solution can be used as disinfectant for eye goggles without affecting the life and use of eye goggles. Lens treated by this method has good antifogging effect. Iodophor is a medical disinfectant, which is easy to obtain and widely used in clinical practice.

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