Features of a good beach chair

Beach chairs can also be called folding chairs, or leisure chairs. Its main feature is that it can be folded and easy to carry, so it has become one of the essential equipment for travelers.

Beach chairs are a type of leisure chairs. Beach chairs can be divided into cloth beach chairs, leisure beach chairs, outdoor beach chairs, and folding beach chairs. They are made of leather, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. They are comfortable chairs for outdoor leisure and indoor rest. The production of leisure beach chairs is generally pure hand-woven, because it is soft to use, feels comfortable and generous, and has good air permeability, and is more and more favored by owners. Outdoor beach chairs and beach items are not only a convenient chair tool for leisure people, but also a beautiful landscape in the city.

1. The depth of beach chairs and beach items

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, people's sitting posture is very straight, and more people like to sit in a "shallow" position in front of the chair. However, if you are at home, you may sit deeply when you are relaxed, and the whole person seems to fall into a chair. When purchasing, you can sit and watch first, and try to feel the depth of your body when you are seated, and you can know whether it meets your needs.

2. The height of the feet of beach chairs and beach items

The height of the feet of beach chairs is related to the length of the user's legs. Except for high chairs such as bar chairs, the seat height of general chairs is not too exaggerated, but if there are short stature or young children in the family should also be taken into consideration.

3. The height of the armrests of beach chairs and beach items

If you have the habit of hanging your hands freely, you may wish to choose a chair with low or no armrests. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then a chair with high armrests and a deep seat surface is probably the best choice.

4. The height of the back of the beach chair beach items

For those who like to "sit upright", in addition to a stool without armrests and backrests, a chair with low armrests and a low backrest can also be selected. If your back is leaning on the backrest, you may wish to choose a chair with a higher backrest. At this time, you can also check whether the height of the backrest is near the neck. The 90-degree angle is placed on the backrest, which will easily cause cervical spine injury.

5. The slope of beach chairs and beach items

The slope of the beach chair back and the soft comfort of the "additions" should also be taken into account. The inclination of the chair back is limited to 90 degrees, and most chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees, so that the center of gravity of the person can be slightly backward, and the whole person can sit on the chair stably. A chair with a larger leisure function has a larger slope, which makes people feel as if they are "lying" on the chair.

6. The softness of beach chairs and beach items

Whether the softness of the seat cushion and backrest is comfortable, if there is no additional seat cushion and backrest chair, directly look at the hardness of the material itself. For the "additional part", you should pay attention to what kind of internal filling is used, and test how it feels after sitting on it. .

7. The stability of beach chairs and beach items

From the details of the structure of the chair beach product, you can know the stability of the chair, and the inspection of joints such as tenons and screws is very important. It is recommended that the user should try to sit in person and shake the body slightly to experience the stability of the chair when purchasing.

For the purchase skills of leisure beach chairs, the more practical and convenient are the above. Nowadays, the structure and material selection of beach chairs are all the same, and the choice of brand is definitely guaranteed. In fact, you don't need to work too hard to buy a beach chair, you just need to pay more attention to the details.

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