Do You Know the Types of Baseball Caps?

Baseball caps were developed along with baseball and are very popular in the United States. Most of the players who defend the first team in the game have to wear a baseball cap, so many people will also wear the hat of their favorite team. After becoming popular, it is not only the hat of baseball team, baseball caps of various styles and brands are very popular all over the world. Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball, which is a collective and confrontational ball sport with batting as its main feature. It is widely carried out internationally and has a great influence, and is known as the "combination of competition and wisdom". It is especially popular in the United States and Japan, and is known as the "national ball".

It is precisely because of the great influence of baseball that spring baseball caps have also prospered with the development of baseball. In 1839, the American Doubleday organized the first game very similar to modern baseball. In the game, the players first put on hats to block the sun. Due to its particularity, the brim of the hat is longer to block the sun's exposure to the eyes and achieve better results. This is the earliest baseball cap. Baseball caps are a common type of hats that are popular all over the world. Various styles of baseball caps emerge in an endless stream, resulting in a variety of baseball caps. According to different classification methods, they can be divided into:

Ⅰ. Spring products: baseball caps are classified by cap head

1. Hard-top baseball cap: The hard-cap head baseball cap is more stylish, but it will also appear to be a big head, which is more suitable for short people.

2. Soft-top baseball caps: people with taller heights and larger head circumferences are suitable for soft-topped caps.

Ⅱ. Spring products: baseball caps are classified by brim

1. Flat brim: Spring baseball caps with flat brim do not have a curved neck and are very suitable for reverse wear.

2. Arc brim: A baseball cap with an arc brim can better modify the face shape, and is generally worn mostly.

Ⅲ. Spring products: baseball caps are classified by color

1. Solid color models: Solid color models are more versatile, including contrasting color models. Many solid color baseball caps have LOGO, and the style is simple, elegant and classic.

2. Color models: spring products of color baseball caps can be divided into two types: embroidery and printing. Printing also includes letter printing and pattern printing; when choosing a color baseball cap, you should pay attention to choosing a relatively simple style and color for clothing to avoid the overall shape being too messy.

3. Other categories: There are some baseball caps that are quite unique, such as baseball caps with decorative elements such as metal rings and rivets, which can bring different styles of baseball caps.

The spring baseball cap fabric has elastic cotton. Cotton is used because cotton is more comfortable and skin-friendly, and has strong hygroscopicity. The sweatband is an elastic band, which can be adjusted to suit the head shape of more people. It can also be a Velcro, metal buckle or rubber buckle to adjust the size to suit all kinds of people. Most of the interlining on the front page is oxford cloth that does not deform, and the embroidery is also very delicate.

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