How to Choose the Right Travel Pillow?

Travel pillow (U-shaped pillow) has basically become a relaxing and stress-reducing item for travel experts, employees who sit in the office for a long time, and students who read and study for a long time!

There are so many travel pillows on the market, and when faced with such a wide range of products, we are often at a loss and do not know how to choose. In fact, the biggest function of the travel pillow is to support the head and neck, relieve pressure, and maintain the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine. Therefore, when choosing essential travel items for travel pillows, it is good to focus on the following aspects for reference.

The Softness of Essential Travel Items Travel Pillows

The significance of a fitting travel pillow for personal travel care is increasingly evident as it aligns with the cervical spine - a vital body part. The health benefits of a travel pillow in maintaining the proper curvature of the cervical spine cannot be overlooked.

If the travel pillow is too hard, the contact area will be too small and the neck will be uncomfortable; if the travel pillow is too soft, it will lose its supporting function and affect blood circulation. Therefore, the travel pillow should choose a type that is slightly soft but still has a certain degree of hardness, which not only ensures sufficient contact area but also provides good support to better protect the cervical spine.

The Portability of Essential Travel Items Travel Pillows

The essential travel items of the travel pillow itself are out-going items, so whether it is light enough, whether it can be folded, whether it is easy to store, and whether it is convenient enough is also an important parameter in the purchase.

The Support of Essential Travel Items and Travel Pillows

The main function of the travel pillow with a U shape neck design is to provide good support for the neck and effectively prevent cervical spine strain. Therefore, the support is also a point that cannot be ignored.

Adjustability of Essential Travel Items

Adjustability refers to the degree of applicability for different neck sizes.

The Material of the Travel Pillow Filling

Travel pillows have a variety of fillings for essential travel items: air, latex, PP cotton, temperature-sensitive memory foam, nanoparticles, and flocking.

(1) Temperature-sensitive memory foam

The temperature-sensitive memory foam was first applied on the space shuttle. The temperature-sensitive memory foam contains an open cell structure and has the characteristics of temperature-sensitive decompression. It is to relieve the pressure of astronauts and protect their spine, so this material was developed. The temperature-sensitive memory foam has good slow rebound characteristics and temperature-sensitive memory characteristics. It can sense the temperature of the human body to adjust the density of the pillow and fit the neck more closely to support the head and neck and relax the neck muscles.

(2) Flocking

The improved PVC product can make the travel pillow have better softness and support, and also make it more convenient, practical and storage.

(3) Nanoparticles

It is said that it is a kind of filling made of pure 100% recycled expandable polystyrene raw material foaming. It is a food-grade filling. It is not only non-toxic and tasteless, but also very light in texture. However, the support for the head is basically 0, and the particles are easy to shift. When the head is squeezed, the particles shift to other directions, resulting in a decrease in support.

(4) PP cotton

The main component is polyester, although it is a very common man-made chemical fiber, but the material is fluffy, elastic, soft to the touch, and the material is also very healthy. However, its support for the head is basically 0, and most of the fillings are about 5cm in height under static conditions without pressure, and the average neck height of Keren is about 8cm.

(5) Air

The obvious advantages are small size, light weight, and easy storage. However, there is a certain distance between its highest point and the head, and the support angle for the head is too large, which can easily tilt the head and cause strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.

(6) Latex

The latex material has a honeycomb structure, which can quickly dissipate body heat and has good air permeability. And it can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human body and the fiber, and its hypoallergenic nature prevents skin allergies. Flexible and supportive, durable and not easily deformed.

Travel Pillow Essential Travel Items to See the Rebound Time

You can press firmly on any part of the pillow, then let it go quickly, and then watch to see how long it takes for it to fully return to its original shape. If it rebounds quickly, it means that it is not a very good memory foam material; but if it rebounds slowly, and the time is more than 5 seconds, it means that the memory foam material of the essential travel item travel pillow is qualified.

Choose the Right Height for the Travel Pillow

Choosing a basic travel item suitable for your height can play a good role in supporting the cervical spine. In general, the height of one punch to one and a half punches is appropriate, about 10~15cm.

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