Explosive Growth in Sales of These Types of Fitness Products

The COVID-19 has indeed changed a lot of our living habits. In addition to being forced to stay at home and work from home, even a group of enthusiasts who like to do sports have also been affected to a certain extent; when the epidemic is severe, they can only do simple exercises at home. Cause some products to have explosive sales growth. This category is definitely an alternative business opportunity brought by the epidemic. Whether it is a large or small fitness equipment or a simple lajin belt, the sales of the entire product are still strong. Goodseller, as a professional general merchandise manufacturer, can provide our customers all kinds of fitness supplies with high quality.

1. Fitness supplies: rowing machine

This is the fastest-growing product in the fitness category, and some rowing machines are simple in design and function, but all include LCD displays that display multiple exercise data, including time and distance. Some products have more functions, such as: wireless heart rate receivers can be used to detect the user's exercise heart rate, ergonomically designed seats and adjustable footrests, etc., so that users can maintain the correct posture and use them safely and comfortably. In recent years, water resistance rowing machines have emerged, which use the resistance of water to simulate the feeling of rowing force, making the experience closer to the real rowing action, and sellers can pay more attention.

2. Fitness supplies: home fitness combination

When you can't go to the gym as usual, the combination of home fitness products has become an alternative method for fitness enthusiasts. One combination is enough to train different parts, and some parts can be folded and stored without taking up extra space. This product contains many different prices and product specifications.

3. Fitness supplies: electric bicycles

This is a bicycle product that has grown rapidly in recent years, with sales increasing by more than 100%. Electric bicycles are easy to use, and it is easier to use the home to travel, and the distance becomes longer. Product frame material and battery specifications affect product retail price. Sellers should pay attention to the speed limit requirements of each country for electric bicycles when purchasing. As demand for e-bikes continues to grow, so does the demand for related components, conversion kits being one example. This fitness product converts a standard bike into a standard performance electric bike and usually includes: an electric motor, a controller that controls the motor when needed, and a battery to power it; price-wise, as there are many different specifications for these types of products changes, so each product sells at a very even price.

4. Fitness supplies: golf supplies

Under the epidemic, it did have a certain impact on the sales of golf and fitness products, but with the stabilization of the epidemic, the sales of golf products began to rebound, and the sales of some products had a good growth, such as clubs and club supplies. Golf clubs are the most demanded products in the entire golf category, and are divided into different varieties: drivers, irons, hybrid clubs, putters and entry-level club sets, etc. Some brands produce special clubs for left-handed golfers, due to the high sales of clubs. , Various accessories are in high demand, including: golfer gloves, club head covers, club bags and so on. This is not golf. Simply put, it is the sport of throwing a Frisbee into a fixed target basket. The gameplay is similar to traditional golf, except that players use a Frisbee instead of a ball and stick. Like golf, the purpose of disc golf is to get from tee to hole and complete each hole in as few holes as possible.

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