Do You Really Know About Alcohol Sanitisers?

1. Introduction of alcohol sanitiser

Alcohol sanitisers are intermediate-efficacy disinfectants, which are ineffective against spores and have poor effect on hydrophilic viruses. This is because the alcohol can absorb the water of bacterial protein, make it dehydrated, denatured and solidified, so as to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. The osmotic pressure of 75% alcohol is similar to that of bacteria, and it can gradually and continuously penetrate into the bacteria body before the surface protein of bacteria is denatured, so that all the bacteria proteins are dehydrated, denatured and solidified, and finally kill the bacteria. so as it has a similar effection with ce isolation clothing.

2. Disinfection ability of alcohol sanitiser

The concentration plays a key role in the disinfection ability of alcohol sanitisers. Too high or too low will not work. Too high concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria to prevent it from entering the bacteria body, then it can not kill the bacteria completely. If the alcohol concentration of the alcohol sanitiser is too low, although it can enter the bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria. It has been determined that the best disinfectant is at a concentration of 75%, which can denature the protein in the bacteria. 75% alcohol dehydrates, deforms and coagulates all bacterial proteins, achieving the purpose of thorough disinfection. Therefore, the optimal concentration of alcohol sanitiser alcohol should be 75%. In addition, the higher the concentration, the greater the damage to the skin or human body. When using high concentration alcohol sanitisers, full body suit protection can be necessary.

As our commonly used high-level disinfectant, chlorine-containing alcohol sanitiser can kill most bacterial spores, as well as mycobacteria, hydrophilic viruses, fungi, bacteria during reproduction, and lipophilic viruses. However, the disinfection effect of the disinfectant is also affected by the concentration and time of the disinfection. Therefore, when using disinfection products such as chlorinated alcohol sanitisers, it is necessary to evaluate the items to be disinfected and the types of contaminated pathogens to determine the level of disinfection that needs to be achieved, or using protective bear suit, so as to correctly configure the appropriate disinfection concentration to achieve a reliable disinfection effect.

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