What Material is Suitable for Outdoor Moisture-proof Mat?

As one of the essential outdoor gear for picnic and camping, moisture-proof mats can effectively isolate the cold ground and play a role in moisturizing and moisture-proofing. However, there are many types of moisture-proof mat materials on the market, which one is the best? Generally, Oxford cloth moisture-proof mats have novel and fashionable patterns, and are durable and scratch-resistant; aluminum film moisture-proof mats have thick thickness and good water and moisture resistance; inflatable moisture-proof mats have good elasticity and high comfort. Below, let's compare and analyze the materials of various moisture-proof mats in spring products.

Oxford Cloth Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

Oxford cloth fabric is currently a relatively common moisture-proof mat spring product material on the market, generally made of nylon Oxford cloth. After dyeing and coating treatment, the raw cloth has the advantages of soft touch, strong hanging, novel style, and good waterproof performance. The patterns are novel and fashionable, light and easy to carry, and durable and scratch-resistant. However, it is relatively thin and has general comfort, so double-sided thickening is recommended.

Aluminum Film Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

The main materials of the aluminum film moisture-proof mat are pearl cotton and aluminum foil, which overcome the shortcomings of common foam glue being fragile, deformed, and poor in recovery. They have the characteristics of good water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, insulation, and plastics. It is a new environmentally friendly material. It has a thick thickness, high comfort, and good moisture-proof and waterproof effects. However, the wear resistance is poor, and it is generally a bit heavy, more suitable for carrying by car.

Inflatable Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

The inflatable moisture-proof mat, also known as an air bed, is generally made of cotton fabric with scraping rubber, which was originally used as a floating mat on water. It is now mainly an automatic inflatable mat, which is a relatively high-end spring item of moisture-proof mat. It has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, good elasticity, and high comfort. However, it has a large volume and weight, and it is cumbersome to inflate and deflate.

Plastic Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

As a sponge mat for floor, the foam plastic moisture-proof mat features high-pressure polyethylene materials, which are lightweight and relatively affordable, while having a water-resistant and close-cell structure. The disadvantage is poor durability, with initial use producing an odor. The polymer material may release toxic substances, which may be harmful to health with long-term use.

EVA Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

EVA, also known as backflow rubber, has better elasticity and toughness than closed-cell foam moisture-proof mats. Although the price is higher, comfort and durability have been greatly improved. Nonetheless, its difference from other materials can be challenging for most consumers to differentiate through merely their appearance alone, and that is where the expertise of a general merchandise supplier comes in handy.

XPE Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

Using ultra-high-pressure polyethylene materials, although not as high-end as pure EVA materials, it has better strength, toughness, and tensile strength than closed-cell foam materials. It does not add toxic chemicals, and the price is slightly higher. It can be said to be an ideal variety of low-end moisture-proof mats spring item.

Plush Moisture-proof Mat Spring Products

Plush moisture-proof mats are made of various fabrics as the base fabric, and are planted with nylon or adhesive plush on the front, and then processed by baking and washing. Their plush surface is full, soft to the touch, bright in color, and unique in style, which is favored by consumers.

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