How Will the Drop in Shipping Prices in China and US Affect Global Economic Development?

The news about foreign trade is not easy to finish now, not because these companies cannot get orders, but because the freight of foreign trade is very expensive after orders are placed. The waterway between China and America is the mainstream waterway for foreign trade companies. When the shipping price of outdoor products wholesale further rise, the transportation costs of foreign trade companies are increased.

Ⅰ. The dropped shipping prices between China and America reflects the impact of the epidemic on the global general merchandise economy

While China has effectively contained the outbreak of COVID-19, it is still raging around the world, which has also prevented ports from opening normally in many regions. Take the current shipping price as an example. Because many containers cannot return to China normally, the unit price of containers is further increased, resulting in a certain increase in the price of all foreign trade general merchandises.

When the COVID-19 arrived, the economies of many regions suffered. When the economy is bad, we cannot effectively control the COVID-19. The problem of soaring shipping prices reflects only one part of the economic problem. Without a serious response to COVID-19, it will be difficult for many regions to recover in a short time.

Ⅱ. Lower shipping prices between China and America affect the export of China's general merchandise

As China is an exporter, Chinese enterprises do not need to bear the freight under normal circumstances. In this way, the increase in outdoor products freight has little impact on China, but in fact, no matter where we export, if shipping prices increase significantly, it will not be good for China's exports. Because the shipping price has risen so fast that it has exceeded the price of commodities, importers have to consider the cost, which is so high that some enterprises cannot afford it. This may lead to problems in the capital chain of enterprises, and even bankruptcy.

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