The Development Trend of Disposable Protective Gloves

1. Overview of disposable protective gloves

Disposable protective gloves are used to prevent hand injuries. In medical treatment, it is mainly used for medical examination and isolation protection. The main types of disposable protective gloves include examination gloves, sterile medical gloves, and medical X-ray protective gloves.

Disposable protective gloves can be divided into nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves and PE gloves according to different materials. They can be divided into medical grade and non-medical grade according to their quality level and usage. Medical-grade disposable gloves are products that need to meet the quality certification system or access standards of the target country's medical market. They are mainly used in medical operations, physical examinations, medical care and other fields. In life, the disposable glooves usually used together with the personal protective products.

The upstream of disposable protective gloves is nitrile latex, PVC paste resin, plasticizer, viscosity reducer and various auxiliary materials. Midstream is a manufacturer of disposable protective gloves; downstream is the application field, including medical industry, food industry, industrial industry, household cleaning, beauty salon, etc.

2. Development status of medicare disposable gloves

With the continuous development of the national economy, people's consumption concepts and consumption habits are also constantly changing, and the sales of the  medicare disposable gloves have maintained steady growth. According to data released by the Bureau of Statistics, each person uses 6 pairs of gloves every day, and the demand in 2019 reached 13.271 billion. Especially under the influence of COVID-19, the demand for protective gloves by medical staff and the public has soared. In 2020, the demand will reach 16.544 billion.

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