What Material is Best for a Sun Hat?

The sun visor is composed of a visor and a cap body. The visor is double-layered or more than double-layered. The upper visor can be attached to the visor of the lower layer. Horizontal crown.

Design Features of Sun Visors for Summer Products

Summer supplies sun visors have a variety of design styles, elegant texture, street mix and match, American casual, and even second-hand vintage products. Just grab the hair out of the line casually, and then wear a sun hat, a sporty atmosphere that only belongs to the summer sun will emerge spontaneously.

The Role of Sun Visors in Summer Products

In summer, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, a sun visor that can cover the entire face is quietly popular on the streets of many cities.Some ophthalmologists reminded that many sun visors called "sun protection and eye protection" are of inferior quality.Products, not only can not play a role, may also affect people's vision. Therefore, you must choose a reliable brand, and Good Seller Brand is a nice choice.

Walking in the streets and alleys, you will find that most of the citizens wearing this sun hat summer products are ladies and younger children who ride bicycles. In the small commodity market, there are many such hot-selling sun hats, which are made of materials similar to colored plastic and can be flexibly rotated up and down.They can be worn like ordinary sun hats or used as sunglasses. Everyone likes to buy this kind of anti-ultraviolet hat in summer. It has a protective effect and is not easy to tan the skin and irritate the eyes.

Material of Sun Visor Hat for Summer Products

General summer products sun hats are made of nylon, cotton, cotton and linen blends, mesh gauze hats, and straw hats. The key to the sun protection effect of the hat lies in the size of the material density, which can be distinguished by the naked eye. In comparison, mesh gauze hats and straw hats have the highest material density. Although they are cool to wear, they have the worst shielding effect, and the effect of sun protection can be imagined; Thick, especially easy to sweat in summer. The nylon cap is light and thin, which is very suitable for summer use, and the anti-ultraviolet effect is also good. So if you want to choose suitable summer wholesale items, it is important to pay attention to the material.

In addition to materials, choosing a sun hat for summer products should also be based on your actual situation. If you use it frequently, such as people who work outdoors or travel, you should choose a wide-brimmed hat; people with short necks should choose half-brimmed and narrow-brimmed sun hats; women with long hair should choose to wear wide-brimmed hats. Sun hat, you can receive the effect of hair care. In summary, nylon sun visors will be better for sun protection. The commonly used fabrics for sun hats are mainly cloth, and when the quantity is large and the price is relatively high, most of them use PVC, non-woven fabrics and paper hats. According to specific requirements, it can be roughly divided into cotton, polyester, T\C, CVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC, non-woven fabrics, and paper.

Sun hats, a summer product, have the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. When choosing a sun hat, you should choose sun hats of different sizes according to the size of your head. Of course, no matter what hat you buy, it is best to choose according to your face shape and clothing. Wearing a bowler hat on a round face makes the face look bigger and the hat smaller. Therefore, a round face is not suitable for wearing a bowler hat.

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