Considerations in Protection Suit Selection

Ⅰ. Classification of the protection suit

The protection suite can be divided into an anti-static suit, anti-static wool knitted suit, flame-retardant suit, and protection suit for acid and alkali chemicals according to the defensive performance and material.

1. Anti-static suit: To prevent the accumulation of static electricity on the clothing, the anti-static fabric is used as the shell fabric, and it is a kind of full body isolation suit according to the specified style and structure.

2. Anti-static wool knitwear: To prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge, anti-static fiber yarn and wool yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic, and other chemical fibers are blended or interwoven and sewn at roughly equal intervals or even proportions.

3. Flame-retardant suit: It is a kind of peosonal protection suit that can prevent itself from being ignited, flaming, and smoldering within a certain period after being in contact with flames and hot objects.

4. Protection suit for acid and alkali chemicals: protection suit for liquid acid and alkali chemicals used by workers in industrial workplaces. It can give full body protective.

Ⅱ. Selection of the protection suit

1. Choose suitable varieties according to needs                                                         

The personal protective apparel should be selected according to the different harmful factors in the workplace; simultaneously, the severity of the dangerous factors should be considered, and a protective suit with varying levels of protection should be selected.

2. Choose qualified products

When purchasing a protective disposable suit, first confirm whether the product manufacturer has a license for industrial product production issued by the state (not required for imported goods) and a safety mark authentication certificate. On this basis, check whether the product has the manufacturer's name and address, production license number, safety mark certification number, production date, product standard number, and whether it is accompanied by a product certificate and instruction manual. In addition, the distributor should be required to show the test report of the batch of products and check the validity period.

3. Check the appearance structure and quality

When purchasing, check the appearance, structure and quality of the protective clothing, and try it on. The size of the clothing should be consistent with the wearer's figure, the surface of the clothing should be free of stains, and the accessories should be complete.

Ⅲ. Application of protection suit

1. The clothing of the protective clothing should meet the specified requirements, and the collar, cuffs and hem should be fastened, one for one person, and not for public use.

2. If clothing is contaminated, it should be washed or replaced in time.

3. The isolation suits clothing should be washed according to the prescribed method and used within the prescribed validity period.

4. If the clothing is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

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