The Market ​of Fitness Products is Rising in Volatility

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the occurence of COVID-19, people's health awareness has gradually increased, and the number of people who regularly participate in sports in China has increased year by year.

Ⅰ. Breakthrough in fitness supplies market

China is a big country of fitness supplies manufacturing in the world, but it is a small market of fitness supplies consumption. The development of China's fitness supplies industry began in the late 1980s. China's accession to the WTO and the success of Beijing's Olympic bid provide favorable conditions and opportunities for the development of the fitness supplies industry. The continuous expansion of the fitness team has brought strong business opportunities for fitness supplies manufacturers.

Most of the fitness supplies are durable goods, and consumers are less likely to buy them repeatedly. However, the sales of fitness supplies in China have been unable to grow rapidly due to the large gap between the base of fitness crowd in China and in western countries and less disposable time for people. Due to travel restrictions caused by the epidemic, fitness at home has become a new trend, and sales of fitness supplies in China have increased significantly. In addition, the national policy for the fitness supplies industry brings multiple benefits. From the perspective of the future trend, the state will continue to introduce preferential policies to promote the development of the sports industry, which also brings good news to the fitness supplies industry under the sports industry and is conducive to the market expansion and growth of the fitness supplies industry.

Ⅱ. Export orders for fitness products soared during the epidemic

The treadmill has a considerable share in the fitness supplies market. At present, the penetration rate of treadmill in China is still low, below 5% per 100 people, but the market demand is growing rapidly and is expected to break through the major barrier in the future. With the rapid growth of the number of fitness and leisure places such as gyms, hotels and natatorium in China, and the gradual increase of residents' demand for indoor sports, treadmill has gradually become an important segment of the fitness supplies market in the past three years.

Gyms are becoming the main platform for young people to participate in fitness activities, rather than working out alone. The number of members of various gyms and health clubs in China has reached tens of millions. Compared with household consumption, the demand for treadmills in gyms is far higher than that for the scattered household end. As the basic equipment of gyms, treadmills are often purchased in large quantities at one time, so the market growth is more stable.

Ⅲ. The industrial chain of fitness supplies is basically improved

After decades of development, China's fitness supplies industry has formed the relatively complete and effective connection of upstream and downstream industry chain and upstream and downstream industries. Specifically, the raw materials required by the upstream of the fitness supplies industry chain are mainly steel, electrical hardware, rubber and plastic chemicals, etc., and the downstream are terminal customers and dealers, including government departments, enterprises and institutions, fitness clubs and individual consumers.

Although the development trend of fitness supplies industry is improving, the current development of China still has a "pain point", which is mainly due to the disconnection between fitness supplies sales and the use of training and the quality of fitness supplies which is difficult to guarantee. In addition, traditional exercise can achieve similar effects without the use of fitness supplies, and consumers tend to prefer the lower-cost option when choosing.

In general, China's fitness supplies market is still in the early stage of competition, and there is still room for breakthroughs in independent intellectual property rights research and retail terminal brand building. Experts believe that the opportunity for new brands to emerge in a short period of time has not yet been formed, but there is an opportunity for local brands to consolidate and further professionalize. Especially a new generation of fitness supplies is expected to form with the next step of private fitness supplies market further mature.

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