Points to Note when Using Alcohol Sanitiser in Summer

Ⅰ. The risk of using alcohol sanitiser in summer is high

As the epidemic prevention and control work continues, the use of anti-epidemic disinfectants like ce isolation clothing and alcohol sanitisers has increased. Be careful when using alcohol sanitisers in the summer. Because of the high temperature in summer, disinfection products such as alcohol sanitisers are very volatile. If they are stored and used improperly, they can easily bring safety risks.

Ⅱ. Points to note when using alcohol sanitisers in summer

1. Citizens should buy small-package disinfection products for civilian use. The single-bottle package should not exceed 500 ml. Do not stock up on disinfection products at home. 

2. The space inside the motor vehicle is narrow and closed, and it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The temperature inside the motor vehicle is very high. It is not suitable to use or store alcohol sanitiser in the motor vehicle. 

3. After the disinfection product is used, the bottle cap must be tightened and stored in a cool and ventilated place, and it is strictly forbidden to leave it open. 

4. Do not store the alcohol sanitiser in a heat source environment such as balcony or stove. 

5. When disinfecting with alcohol sanitiser, the surface of the object should be cleaned by wiping, and spraying should not be used as much as possible, and good ventilation should be ensured. 

6. After spraying disinfectant on a large area indoors, personnel should not stay indoors, and pay attention to opening windows for ventilation. 

7. When preparing and using chlorine-containing disinfectants such as 84 disinfectant and peracetic acid disinfectant, masks and gloves or full body protective should be made to avoid direct contact with the skin. 

8. 84 disinfectant should be used alone, not mixed with other disinfectants, so as to avoid chemical reactions and produce toxic gases. 

9. When using alcohol sanitiser to ignite accidentally, dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, etc. can be used to extinguish the fire; a small area of fire can be covered with wet towels and wet clothes to extinguish the fire. If necessary, full body suit protection can be accepted.

10. When the skin is contaminated with the stock solution of chlorine-containing disinfectant, it should be rinsed immediately with a large amount of flowing water; when the chlorine-containing disinfectant is splashed on the eyes, it should be continuously rinsed with water or normal saline and sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

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