The Future Development Trend of Electronic Toys

Since the users of toys are mainly children, the toys people usually talk about generally refer to children's toys. Children's toys have a pivotal impact on children's physical and mental development and even safety. Some countries and regions have even included the definition of children's electronic toys in toy-related bills to achieve the purpose of regulating the industry and protecting children.

1. The global market demand for children's electronic toys is rising steadily

Emerging markets represented by Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa are growing rapidly. As the economic strength of emerging market countries gradually increases, the consumer concept of electronic toys has gradually extended from mature European and American regions to emerging markets. The large number of children in the emerging market, the low per capita consumption of children's electronic toys and the good economic development prospects make the emerging toy market have a high growth potential, and this market will also become an important growth point for the global toy industry in the future. According to forecasts, global retail sales will continue to grow rapidly in the next three years, and the market will continue to expand.

2. The safety standards of the children's electronic toy industry continue to improve

With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of environmental protection concepts, consumers of children's electronic toys are prompted to put forward higher requirements for the quality of toys from their own health and safety considerations. Electronic toy importing countries have formulated increasingly stringent safety and environmental protection standards in order to protect the health of their consumers and protect their own toy industry.

3. The rapid development of high-tech children's electronic toys

With the advent of the intelligent age, the structure of children's electronic toy products has begun to tend to be electronic. The chairman of the American Toy Association, A.O. once pointed out at the opening ceremony of the New York International Toys Exhibition that the combination of traditional toys and electronic technology is an inevitable trend in the development of the toy industry. At the same time, science and technology such as LED technology, augmented reality technology (AR), face recognition technology, and communication are becoming more mature. Cross-border integration of these technologies and toy products will produce different smart toys. Compared with traditional toys, the novelty, entertainment and educational functions brought by electronic toys to children are more prominent. In the future, they will surpass traditional toy products and become the development direction of the global toy industry.

4. The enhancement and linkage between children's electronic toys and the cultural industry

The prosperity of cultural industries such as film and television and animation has provided more materials and broadened ideas for the development and design of toys. Adding cultural elements to the design can increase the product value of toys and enhance consumers' loyalty and recognition of brand products; the popularity of film and animation works can promote the sales of licensed toys and derivatives, create a good brand image, and enhance brand awareness and reputation. The products of classic children's electronic toys generally have cultural elements such as character and story. The prototypes of the best-selling Gundam Warrior, Disney series toys, and Super Pan are all derived from related film and animation works.

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