What Fitness Supplies Can We Choose?

1. Stationary fitness supplies

Stationary fitness supplies are especially suitable for newbies, as they provide support for the body and also pre-determine exercise and fitness modes. The resistance section is moved vertically so that the resistance in the lifting and lowering movements is consistent. For some stationary body building products, you can increase the weight by 1 pound at a time, so that you have more options when adding weight, which is conducive to the progress of adding weight. At the same time, stationary body building supplies also include equipment that automatically changes resistance according to the biomechanical factors inherent in joint movements. Proper stationary fitness supplies often provides safe, time-saving, and efficient weight training that promotes the development of muscle strength.

2. Free weight fitness supplies

Free fitness supplies exercise includes barbell and dumbbell exercise. As the name suggests, free body building supplies exercise is free. Barbell workouts typically use heavier weights that can be supported by the rack, such as barbell squats, bench presses, and incline bench presses. Due to the heavy weight, it is best to find support personnel when you are training to avoid danger. It's best to use the same resistance for both arms when doing dumbbell exercises, and include different wrist positions (overhand grip, underhand grip) in the workout. Compared with barbells, dumbbell body building products exercises can be used for unilateral training while the other hand is used for support or balance, which can reduce the risk of injury. The numerous combinations of barbell and dumbbell exercises make free weight training a relatively well-rounded and highly flexible method of developing muscle strength and size.

3. Kettlebell fitness supplies

Kettlebells were first introduced in the 18th century for use in swing and weightlifting techniques as a way to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Kettlebells, which resemble cannonballs with handles, are traditionally made of cast iron and are designed to have a center of gravity beyond the handle for rotational and release-style exercises. The benefits of kettlebell exercises are the effective development of strength and power through a holistic, whole-body exercise. People should receive special education in this form of training before using kettlebells. If the learning and mastering phases are skipped, the exerciser's nervous system and soft tissues may not yet adapt to the exercise, which may lead to injury. Kettlebell training is a comprehensive form of exercise. When the kettlebell swings in different planes of motion, we need to control the muscles of the whole body to ensure the correct exercise posture. This activity is very similar to sports that we encounter in our daily lives.

4. Elastic rope and elastic belt fitness supplies

Unlike stationary body building products, ropes and free weights, elastic rope and elastic belt provide a softer form of resistance that can be used in almost any exercise. Most of them are inexpensive and require very little space when exercising, making them the ideal tool for resistance training in hotels or offices. Elastic rope body building supplies are especially useful for push-pull exercises such as chest presses, shoulder presses, and squats because they provide more resistance as they are stretched, and the muscles tend to provide more force as the push-pull exercise is nearing completion.

5. Bodyweight training fitness supplies

The most practical resistance is actually our own body weight. We can also do some bodyweight training (squats, planks, and push-ups) when fitness supplies are not available. In these bodyweight workouts, we tend to pursue more reps rather than adding weight. At first, gradually increasing the number of exercises will work well, but after the exercise time exceeds 100 seconds, the stimulation of increasing the weight will weaken. One way to add resistance is to wear a weighted vest, or strap on a sandbag. This method is especially useful for pull-ups and dips. Other ways to change resistance during exercise include pushing and pulling the body at different angles.

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