Market Status and Future Development Trend of Disposable Medical Gloves

Medical disposable gloves generally used is made of natural rubber. Powder gloves and non-powder gloves are actually designed for the convenience of wearing and taking off. Because the corn starch or talc powder in the powder gloves is easy to attach to the soluble protein on the gloves, people who are allergic to natural rubber are allergic, and no powder gloves are generally treated with chlorine, not easy to cause allergies.

1. Medical disposable gloves used in all parts of the world

in order to solve the allergy problem of latex gloves, Europe and the United States took the lead in the transfer of latex inspection gloves to PVC and nitrile and other materials. At present, PVC and Nitrile Medical examination gloves are rapidly expanding to emerging markets in the Middle East, South America and other regions, and gradually replace the share of latex gloves. According to a group of foreign media Statistics: medical level disposable gloves the annual per capita use in China is only 3 pairs, while the global is 25 pairs. In contrast to the huge market demand and the potentially amazing market volume, the current disposable gloves are far inferior to the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries in terms of usage and penetration, there is still considerable development prospects in this market.

At present, disposable gloves mainly include PVC, latex, nitrile and PE gloves. But with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of product quality requirements, PVC, latex gloves and PE gloves are gradually abandoned by enterprises. The main reason is that PVC gloves are poor in flexibility, easy to rot, easy to be corroded, and the residual catalytic substances in the production of gloves are easy to cause allergies or dermatitis; the latex protein contained in the latex glove itself is also easy to induce allergic reactions; PE gloves are low in price, poor in flexibility and easy to break.

Nitrile gloves is a new generation of upgrade products, both from the production process or implementation of standards are more stringent, so that its performance and quality can be consistent with the general needs of the market, as a result, many companies are gradually turning to the use of nitrile gloves. The disposable nitrile gloves are mainly made of synthetic nitrile latex and more than 30 kinds of auxiliary materials by advanced technology. Whether it is elastic or tensile, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, antistatic and non-allergic are far stronger than PVC gloves, latex gloves and PE gloves.

2. The global production of disposable gloves is mainly concentrated in Malaysia, Thailand and China and other regions

with its natural geographical location, Malaysia accounts for the largest share of disposable personal protective gloves in the world, and the output of Disposable Medical Gloves in Malaysia is more than 168 billion. China is mainly engaged in the production of PVC gloves. In the last two years, Chinese enterprises are gradually introducing Nitrile Glove production lines. It is expected that China's Nitrile Glove production will soon occupy a large market share. The global outbreak of COVID-19 greatly promoted the demand for Disposable Medical Gloves, this will greatly facilitate the global market size of disposable gloves.

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