The Uses and Benefits of a Travel Pillow

An essential travel item travel pillow, also known as U-shaped neck pillow, is a kind of saddle-shaped convenient pillow that can stabilize the head in one position when sitting on a recliner chair during long-distance travel. It is actually a new type of strong cervical spine health pillow. When we use it, we wrap it around our neck and let it stick to our shoulders. In this way, when we lean against the seat, the neck is not hollow, and the neck can be well supported while the neck is relaxed. Sleep without the risk of cervical strain.

Reasons for Buying an Essential Travel Item of Travel Pillow for Basic Travel Supplies

Why buy a travel pillow? Isn't it the same to rest with a scarf or clothes pad? The effect is really different! 

The essential travel item travel pillow, which is designed according to ergonomics to automatically create a comfortable effect, it can reduce the external pressure felt by our shoulders and necks to zero pressure, and eliminate the reaction force between the outside world and the body. When we lean on the seat, we put excessive pressure on the overhead shoulders and necks in order to maintain the balance of the head during the journey. Personal travel care requires a suitable travel pillow to be used when traveling.  Its usage benefits are twofold - maintaining the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine and promoting blood circulation in the neck - this reduces fatigue and discomfort in the shoulders and neck region. Providing a comfortable and relaxing resting experience during your journey, it is an essential component for travelers.

The other items lined under the neck only serve to fill the neck and serve as a space, but they do not achieve sufficient support, and may suffer from friction and other trauma due to the rough folded surface.

The Role of Essential Travel Items of Travel Pillows, Basic Travel Supplies

The travel pillow has a neck engineering design, which provides a good support effect for the neck and can effectively prevent the strain of the cervical spine.

The travel pillow with a U shape neck design, which is an essential travel item, is also affectionately called a nap pillow by migrant workers, because the vast majority of migrant workers cannot sleep in the supine position during their lunch break. Twice is okay, but if you do this every day, it will bring a series of health problems: using your hands instead of pillows will compress the eyeball, increase the intraocular pressure, and risk damaging the retina; the stomach will not be able to move well due to the extrusion of sitting sleep, In mild cases, it can cause indigestion, and in severe cases, it can lead to chronic gastric ulcers. Sleeping on your stomach can also affect the blood circulation of the whole body, especially in the arms. Sometimes we wake up not because we wake up but because our hands are numb.The use of a travel pillow can promote blood circulation, and sleep at the desk will no longer be numb all over the body, improve sleep quality, and give us a comfortable lunch break.

Drivers are very prone to fatigue during long-distance driving. However, if the cab uses a travel pillow, the head and neck can be slightly adjusted to avoid compression of the neck veins, which can effectively relieve fatigue and ensure safe driving.

When you come home from get off work or during the Chinese New Year holiday, you just sit at home playing games, watching TV and playing computer, and you just sit all afternoon, and when you wake up, you usually have backaches. But if you put the essential travel item travel pillow under the neck, it can effectively prevent cervical spine strain, and use the pillow as a cushion on the back, which can also support the spine and relieve pressure.

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