The Selection Principle of the Carpet

1. The carpet should be unified with the design style

During the decoration process, carpets of different styles and colors should be selected according to plans and standards. Only by choosing harmonious and beautiful carpets in accordance with the decoration standards and styles can the project be unified and perfect.

2. Different spaces have different choices of carpets

In the home decoration design, different carpets should be selected for spaces with different functions. However, when choosing the carpets used in each area, it is also necessary to consider the echoes of those carpets. For this, you can contact with home decoration suppliers for more advice.

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3. Choose carpets according to different external environments

The choice of the beautiful carpet should also be considered based on the local annual average temperature, rainfall, air quality, sanitary and green conditions and other factors. If these factors are not taken into account, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for the use and maintenance of the carpet.

4. The pattern and tone of the carpet should be unified with the tone design of the room 

When choosing home decoration, it should be considered that the carpet can be unified with the space tone design, which can change the mood and atmosphere of the environment and bring vitality to different occasions. At the same time, it can be used to weaken, strengthen or match the harmony of the decorative style.

In addition, the choice of carpet color should not be too shallow, and the pattern should not be too complicated. Otherwise, it will not only cause inconvenience to clean but also cause aesthetic fatigue to consumers.

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