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High quality kitchenware inspire customers a healthy and simple kitchen life. GOODSELLER, as one of the general merchandise wholesale suppliers, gives you variety of choices, which meet all the customers' needs.
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Kitchen Ware of Goodseller General Merchandise Supplier
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Founded in 2004, GOODSELLER now is becoming one of general merchandise manufacturers and leading export companies for general merchandise in China. The products are based on general merchandise, covering thousands of wholesale manufacturers and a variety of general store products. All the products are supplied to many main stores, such as Walmart, Amazon and so on.

More than 100 salesmen
Over 18 years of trading experience
Displaying more than 50,000 items
Customers from more than 118 countries
Goodseller cooperates with IKEA
Goodseller cooperates with Cooperate with ATB
  • IKEA is one of the best wholesale general merchandise manufacturers in China that designs and steady-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories among other useful goods and occasionally home services.

  • The cooperation of bath mats started from 2015 to the present.

  • Our turnover exceeds 1 million US dollars per year on bath mats.

  • To be one of the most professional general merchandise manufacturers, we, goodseller now are trying to transform the single product model into product series, such as Christmas series bathmats, holiday gift bathmats, BBQ products wholesale and etc.

  • Goodseller at least update 10 new styles and creative packages to IKEA each month.


Goodseller cooperates with IKEA

1. ATB-Market LLC (Ukrainian: АТБ-Маркет) is one of the leading retail trade companies in Ukraine. The company owns the largest national network of retail shops on general merchandise. The assortment of stores is over 3500 items. Although they are famous for their lower price than average, the quality meets well-known brands.

2. Good Seller set the good cooperation in 2004 until now.

3. Our turnover exceeds 10 million US dollars per year on general merchandise like ce fda protection suit clothes, bulk bbq tools and accessories and cell phone accessories.

4. GOOD SELLER numerous suppliers provide the lowest price which lower than the market average price.

We will help you to
Source the items whatever you want
Meet all your customers demands
Create the best sale items
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