What Are the Super Practical Kitchenware Gadgets?

Now we like more and more simple life, and cooking in the kitchen is no exception. I hope the more convenient the better, so in addition to some commonly used kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils, we also need oil bottles, vegetable cutters and knife sharpeners. Practical kitchenware gadgets to help out, in addition to bringing convenience to our cooking, we can also enjoy more fun when cooking.

1. Kitchenware gadgets: pouring oil bottle

The appearance of the delicate oil pouring bottle solves the troubles when we are cooking or using other oil, the oil tank is easy to pour too much oil, the oil volume is not well controlled, and the dust outside the unused oil is not easy to place. Now the pouring bottle can be operated with one hand, the special spout, use as much oil as you want, and the lid can also prevent dust from falling into it. When purchasing, you can buy two more, which are made of 304 stainless steel, glass, and plastic. The stainless steel oil pouring bottle cannot hold acidic liquids such as soy sauce and vinegar for a long time; for glass and plastic materials, pay attention to choosing environmentally friendly types.

2. Kitchenware gadgets: seasoning bottle

How can an exquisite kitchen lack creative spice bottle kitchen gadgets, which is also a must-have kitchen gadget for everyone who loves to cook. Salt, chili sauce, sugar, etc. are classified into cans. You can scoop as much as you need with a small spoon, which is convenient to use, and is not afraid of being polluted. It doesn't need to be very large when purchasing. It can be used for one to two weeks when full. It should be made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials.

3. Kitchenware gadgets: chuck

I believe that many people will have such troubles. After the food is steamed, the plate is hot, and the inner pot is hot when you want to take it out after cooking. Solve so many troubles of kitchen experts, and the frequency of use in the kitchen is very high. After you buy it, you should be careful to try to fit your own plate and pot before you can use it boldly.

4. Kitchenware gadgets: hand guards

Novices in the kitchen are afraid of cutting vegetables and cutting their fingers, especially those who are just starting to learn to cook. Even if they are very careful, they still cut their fingers several times. Wearing a protector for your fingers is not afraid of cutting your fingers. The hand protector made of high-grade stainless steel has a slightly curved arc, and the corners are also very smooth, so it will not scratch your hands. You may not be used to this hand protector at first, but after using it for a long time, you will know that it is very practical.

5. Kitchenware gadgets: sharpener

The knives at home will become unsharp after a long time. It is a waste of money to buy another one. We use a knife sharpener to sharpen it at home. Whether it is scissors or any knives, it can become sharp, and it can also remove rust, which is convenient and convenient. Save trouble, keep your knives sharp all the time, and you will feel very comfortable when you cook. When choosing, it is best to choose carbide sharpeners and ceramic sharpeners.

6. Kitchenware gadgets: vegetable cutter

I believe that many people like to cook but don’t like to cut vegetables, because they can’t always cut the effect they want. As long as you have this shredder that can be shredded, sliced and mashed, you can use it to cut vegetables in a small stir-fry at home. Comfortable and convenient, it makes you become a chef in seconds, and it is a good helper in the kitchen.

7. Kitchenware gadgets: peeler

It is very tedious to peel fruits in daily life, potatoes and cucumbers for cooking, etc. With this, it can also be used as a fruit knife, peeler, wire grater, etc., whether it is peeling the outer skin of vegetables and fruits, Removing potato eyes or rubbing and scraping can be easily solved. Usually, you choose the right kitchen utensil according to your usage habits and the type of food you often handle.

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