Manual of Band

Manual of Band
Manual of Band
Manual of Band
Manual of Band

Specification of Manual of Band

1. Time display

Short press the button to display the will be clocked in 5 secondsWhen there is no operation, automatically turns off to save electricity.

2. Test the temperature

Under the state of time display, press the button to measure the temperature and the symbol ℃ flashes.testStop flashing of symbol ℃after test finished. There are two cases of abnormal temperature measurement:

  • LO or HI is displayed, indicating

  • Temperature too low or too high, out of range.

High temperature warning: when the temperature is higher than 37.5℃ the red light on the top left corner of the LED screen flashes, warning.

Note: the temperature range is from 34℃ to 42.5℃.Temperature measurements are influenced by individuals, environment, motion, Clothing and other factors, the results of temperature measurement for reference only, can not be used to determine the real temperature of the human bodyDegree, can not be used for medical testing purposes, not as a judgment of the health of the body.

3. Set the time

Under the state of time display, long press the button for 5 seconds to enter the setting of clock numeric value, and short pressModify the number of hours. Press the button again for 5 seconds to enter the minute value setting of the clock, shortPress the button to modify the number of minutes.

4.  Charging

Take the inner core of the hand ring from the wrist band and connect it with the charging accessories. Insert the USB head of the charging accessoriesEnter the standard DC5V charger for charging.LED screen status display: charging center left top the corner red lights flickered.Full charge, red light on top left.

5.  Low power hint

When the battery is low, the bracelet will prompt the BALO symbol.

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