Characteristics and Types of Outdoor Backpack

Generally, when purchasing a built-in backpack, you must first look at the basic items of the structural design of the backpack, such as whether the bottom of the backpack is double-layered, which can increase the durability of the backpack; whether the extension pocket at the top of the backpack can be extendable upwards and the extension pocket can be sealable; whether the compression straps on the outside of the backpack can shrink the backpack and prevent it from shaking; whether backpack side pockets can be easily removable; whether the backpack has tow loops and ice ax loops which can carry crampons, snowshoes and other items; whether the durability of the backpack meets your needs.

1. Features of outdoor backpack

(1) The materials used in the backpack are waterproof and wear-resistant.

(2) The back of the backpack is wide and thick, and there is a waist belt that shares the weight of the backpack.

(3) Large backpacks containing traveling items have inner aluminum frames or outer aluminum frames that support the bag body, and small backpacks have hard sponges or plastic plates that support the bag body on the back.

2. Types of outdoor sports backpacks

(1) Mountaineering backpack

There are two types: one is a large backpack with a volume of 50 to 80 liters; the other is a small backpack with a volume of 20 to 35 liters, which is also known as an "assault backpack". A large mountaineering backpack is mainly used to transport mountaineering materials in mountaineering, while a small mountaineering backpack is generally used for high-altitude climbing or assault on the peaks. A mountaineering backpack is designed to cope with extreme environments. It is exquisitely made and unique. Generally, the body is slender and long, and the back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, so that the body of the bag is close to the back of the person, so as to reduce the pressure on the shoulders by the straps. This backpack is all waterproof and won't leak water even in heavy rain. In addition, the mountaineering backpack is widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long-distance travel in addition to mountaineering.

(2) Travel backpack

The large travel backpack is similar to the mountaineering backpack but the shape of the backpack is different as all belong to outdoor leisure supplies. The front of the travel backpack can be fully opened through the zipper, which is very convenient for taking and placing things. Unlike the mountaineering backpack, the items are usually put into the bag from the top cover of the backpack. There are many kinds of small travel backpacks, so be sure to choose the one that is comfortable to carry, and do not just focus on the appearance.

(3) Bicycle special bag

It is divided into two types: saddlebag type and backpack type. The saddlebag type can be carried on the back or hung on the front handle of the bicycle or on the rear shelf. The backpack-type is primarily used for bike trips that require high-speed riding. The bike bags are equipped with reflective strips that reflect light to ensure safety when people are riding at night.

(4) Back frame backpack

This type of backpack consists of a bag body and an external aluminum alloy shelf. It is used to carry items that are bulky and difficult to fit into a backpack, such as camera boxes, gas tanks, etc. In addition, many backpacks also often indicate which sports it is suitable for on the label.

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