How Often Should the Chopsticks in Kitchen Utensils Be Replaced?

1. Chopsticks in kitchen utensils

Chopsticks in kitchen utensils should be disinfected regularly and replaced every six months to a year. The chopsticks in the kitchen utensils are something that we use many times a day and will enter into our mouth. Its cleaning, disinfection and timely replacement are of great significance to our health. When rubbing the chopsticks, it is easy to leave cracks on the surface of the chopsticks. These cracks will easily accumulate food residue and oil, and become a breeding ground for microorganisms. If the chopsticks are not dried or wiped dry, leaving water stains for a long time, it will also lead to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. And it is best to use public chopsticks, at least when someone at home is sick, use public chopsticks or share meals.

2. How to clean and replace kitchen utensils such as chopsticks?

Newly bought basic kitchen utensils such as chopsticks are best boiled and disinfected before use (keep it at a boil for at least 5 minutes before turning off the heat). Scrub carefully with dish soap and warm water; tumble dry, wipe dry, or drain. How often do you change the chopsticks? In fact, how often the chopsticks are replaced depends on the material of the chopsticks and the efficiency of your chopsticks cleaning and disinfection. The repeated use of bamboo or wooden chopsticks used in most households may cause a lot of wear and small grooves, making it impossible to clean them thoroughly. It is recommended that chopsticks should be boiled and disinfected every two or three months, and chopsticks should be replaced at least six months to one year.

3. How to choose chopsticks in kitchen utensils?

(1) Bamboo chopsticks are the best. For daily use of kitchen utensils, chopsticks that are non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly are preferred, and the growth cycle of bamboo is shorter than that of many trees and is more environmentally friendly. 

(2) Wooden chopsticks with raw lacquer only, or wooden chopsticks with only one layer of lacquer can be selected. Wooden chopsticks are best to choose the original color, coated with a layer of lacquer, so that the chopsticks are less likely to wear and crack, and thus more hygienic. 

(3) Stainless steel chopsticks are indeed less likely to breed bacteria, and have a long service life, but they are slippery and unstable to clamp dishes; they have good thermal conductivity and are easy to burn the mouth.

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