How Many Volts Are in Children's Electronic Toys?

Some children's toys are electronic. Especially the current parents like to buy electronic toys for their children because they have more functions and can exercise their children's many abilities. It's just that since it is an electronic toy, there is naturally a specific voltage. Mom and dad must understand clearly to avoid unnecessary harm. Therefore, how many volts are in children's electronic toys? 

Ⅰ. How many volts are in children's electronic toys?

Generally, there is 6V 4A, 6V 7A, 6V 12A types of baby toy cars on the market. Assuming you only want to let children play for a longer time, you can change the capacity without changing the voltage, that is, change the 6V7A to 6V12. In this way, the playing time will be longer; but the charging time must be correspondingly longer. A regular battery factory must make the battery, and this battery must be selected carefully because it is the most direct safety issue. 

The high voltage released by the electronic toy kits happens within only a moment, and toys cannot continue to discharge, so the person in contact with it can get rid of it in time without suffering from continuous damage. However, children's bodies are immature, and the high voltage released in this way is a stimulus to the children's minds and bodies. Some children are not healthy or particularly sensitive. There are still hidden dangers when they are playing with such toys. It is recommended not to use them. 

Ⅱ. Is the voltage of children's electronic toys safe?

The safety risk of children's toys is not a simple quality problem but more a product design defect and manufacturing process problem. Children's products are updated very quickly. Most of the kids toys manufacturer is small and medium-sized enterprise. Safety considerations are insufficient in product design, raw material selection, and manufacturing processes to pursue timeliness. The technical director of the analytical laboratory of the State Administration for Market Regulation believes that many of the safety risks brought by children's electronic toys can be solved or avoided in the design link or raw material selection at the front end of the production. 

Therefore, the State Administration for Market Regulation recommends that we should also pay attention to design safety while emphasizing quality. Goodseller firmly believes that when designing toys, children's physical and mental health and safety should be taken as the first element, and raw materials with chemical substances such as heavy metals, plasticizers, and formaldehyde that meet the standard requirements should be selected. Materials that may have chemical and biological safety risks should be avoided. Toxic and hazardous materials should be avoided. Improve the manufacturing process to prevent dangerous sharp edges or tips during the production process.

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