Introduction of Sofa Cushion Material

Sofa cushions are a kind of household item. They are convenient and flexible to use, and can be used in various occasions and environments. They are widely used on beds and sofas, especially in bedrooms. On carpets, cushions can also be used as seats and are essential for leisure at home.

Pearl cotton cushion

Pearl cotton is processed by a special high-pressure technology, having the smallest molecular size and the highest rebound performance among all sponges. After compression, the pearl-shaped particles are arranged tightly. With the use, the internal stress of the pearl particles will gradually release, having the characteristic of becoming fluffier and fluffier. Therefore, waist bags made of pearl cotton have a particularly good shape and resilience. However, pearl cotton is relatively expensive, so it is generally only used in small cushions and waist pillows with the highest customer frequency and the strongest destructive power.

Shaped cotton cushion

The best sofa cushion inner liner is sponge with special shape, which is made by using whole piece shaped sponge for one-time foaming. However, many manufacturers use sponge scraps to form a whole piece before cutting and processing them to save costs. In this way, the service life and elasticity of the sponge are greatly reduced, which affects the service life of the sofa.

Spray-bonded cotton cushion

The spray-bonded cotton inside the cushion has good plasticity. The longer the fiber length of the spray-bonded cotton, the better the quality. All large cushions and 35-density sponges used as seat cushions are wrapped with a layer of spray-bonded cotton. Using spray-bonded cotton can reduce the friction between the fabric and the sponge, increase the smoothness of the seating experience, and make the lines of the sofa look particularly soft and vivid.

Stuffed toy cotton cushion

Because the sponge of the pillow needs to be soft and comfortable, and has good support for the spine, it is recommended to use 3A fine-wire wear-resistant stuffed toy cotton with a density of generally 30. This kind of sponge has a texture similar to natural cotton just popped up but with more flexible and lasting softness and elasticity. It is pure, environmentally friendly and odorless.

Sponge cushion

The density of sponge depends on its technology, which can currently reach but not exceed 35%. And those higher than 35% are resin products. However, because the cost of resin products is quite expensive, some unscrupulous merchants add talcum powder during production to create the illusion of high sponge density. Talcum powder contains lethal and hazardous ingredients such as formaldehyde and toluene, and it is easy to fall off when added. At the same time, it seriously damages the service life and performance of the sponge, making the sofa cushion made in this way rigid without any elasticity when sat on.

Sofa cushions add color and fun to our lives, so should we take extra care of them in daily life? In the hot summer, strong sunlight can cause the colored substances in fabric sofas to fade, making them no longer bright and accelerating the aging of fabric sofas. Therefore, one should try to avoid direct sunlight. Place the sofa in a place away from sunlight or use semi-transparent curtains to block the sunlight, which can also add a touch of elegance to the room.

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