The problems and general processes that procurement

  • Pre-transaction preparation stage

  • Transaction negotiation and contract conclusion stage

  • Fulfilling contracts and complete order

  • After-sale service

1.Pre-transaction preparation stage

The main work content is market research and formulating plans

(1) Market research: According to trade information, we will provide an analysis report. We will make a feasible trade plan, based on the current situation of foreign, including customer research, market research, and economic research.

(2) Formulating plans: According to the export policies of exporting countries, we will arrange business plans to promote trade.

The supply situation of manufacturers;

Production capacity, origin, exported countries, unit price, commodity selling point, quality, packaging, specifications, inventory, etc.

Foreign market conditions

According to the future development trend of foreign markets, we will make corresponding fine-tuning of products and sales channels.

Plan and implement

We will choose the best payment method, sales channels, and transportation methods, according to the quantity and amount of products. At the same time, we will get more trade experiences from sales feedback, competitors, and market share

2. Transaction negotiation and contract conclusion stage

There is communication between our employees and customers by email, exhibition, and social media platforms, make to customers realize our products, in order to transaction negotiation.

(1) Publicity

We will provide professional exhibitions to help customers to realize products directly.

We will send a document of detailed information of products to customers’ email.

Let customers know more about our company and our products in a various way.

(2) Transaction negotiation                    

Establish a business relationship


Customers sent the required product information (material, specifications, quality, packaging, etc.) and expected unit price from customers. At the same time, we will make an inquiry corresponding to the cooperated factory based on customers’ requirements.


According to the quotation from the factory, and provide the quote to customers.


If the customer has any objection to the feedback unit price, a second unit price adjustment will be made. If there is no objection, both parties will confirm and arrange the order.

(3) Confirmation and conclusion of the contract

The manufacturer will provide product proofing, based on the customer’s requirements. And, the order contract is stipulated after both parties confirm that it is correct.

3. Fulfilling contracts and complete order

(1) According to customers’ requirements, we will produce all products, and make sure that all products are delivered on time. We will arrange QC workers to check products’ quality, feature, size, package, and shape based on customers’ requirements.

(2) Pay the payment stipulated in the contract and deliver the products in the contracts

(3) Mode of transportation: sea, air

Shipping by sea: according to customers’ requirement of time, we will book a suitable space from shipping companies, and we will provide declaration information, certificate of origin, telex bill of lading, and pre-recorded bill

Shipping by air: We will choose the expressway (UPS, DHL, etc.) or the airport, it depending on the size of the products.

4. After-sale service

We are willing to provide after-sales service if there is any unexpected problem with our products. According to the problem, one to one service customers, to ensure that customers' interests are maximized.


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