What Are the Materials of the Carpet?

Carpet is a floor covering made of cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass yarn and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers that are knitted, flocked or woven by hand or mechanical processes. The bathroom is a place that is very likely to cause falls and slips. It is very important to place a non-slip carpet in the bathroom. The following GOOD SELLER will show you what the material of the carpet is.

1. Pure cotton carpet

Friends who don't like artificial carpets can consider buying this type of bathroom carpet material. Just like cotton clothes, in addition to bringing a good tactile feeling to the user, the water absorption ability is also very strong, which greatly reduces the need for showering. Afterwards, the ground was wet with troubles. Moreover, because it is made of soft pure cotton fabric, it also has super plasticity that is rare in other materials. It can make various three-dimensional planning changes according to the different needs of the owner, and the cleaning method is also very convenient. It's as simple as doing laundry. But since it is pure cotton, the price will be relatively high.

2. Microfiber carpet

This is a relatively high-end bathroom carpet material type. Generally speaking, the main groups of purchase are also high-income people with better economic conditions and more emphasis on quality of life. Indeed, its price is not cheap, and its water absorption capacity is far higher than that of ordinary carpets such as nylon or polyester. Even compared with pure cotton products, its water absorption effect is 1.5-2 times higher. In addition to its superior ability to absorb water, it is also an extremely thin material, one-tenth of the fineness of cotton, so it has an extraordinary soft touch.

3. Polyester carpet

In contrast, polyester is more resistant to temperature and the sun than nylon, so when taking a bath, you don't have to worry about overheating the bathroom and affecting its service life, and you can safely put it in the sun after cleaning, antibacterial and sterilization. Combined with its low price, it's no surprise that it's one of the most highly rated bathroom carpet bulk.

4. Pure wool carpet

As a noble in the carpet, in addition to the general characteristics of carpets, pure wool carpets can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, have strong moisturizing properties, and have good antistatic ability. Pure wool carpets are divided into two types: woven and woven. The former is expensive and the latter is relatively cheap. The quality and quantity of fluff are the main factors that determine the abrasion resistance of carpets, and the amount is often expressed in terms of fluff density and height. Because of the pure natural material selection and excellent characteristics, the price of pure wool carpet is relatively expensive, and it is mostly suitable for high-end places or high-end households. And if you don't pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, it is easy to get mold and insects. Therefore, the care of wool carpets is also stricter.

5. Blended carpet

Blended carpets, as the name suggests, are carpets made by mixing various materials with each other. Generally, a certain proportion of chemical components are added to pure wool carpets. Such as adding 20% nylon fiber to pure wool fiber, the abrasion resistance can be improved five times. It can also be blended with synthetic fibers such as acrylic fibers. Blended carpets overcome the difficult maintenance of pure wool carpets, poor moisture resistance and other characteristics, but also lower prices and a wider range of applications. Of course, what cannot be compared with pure wool carpets is that the raw materials of blended carpets are not natural enough.

6. Chemical fiber carpet

Chemical fiber carpets are mainly made of nylon, acrylic (acrylic) and polypropylene fibers. The quality and touch are like wool, wear-resistant and elastic. After special treatment, it can have the characteristics of fire prevention, anti-fouling, anti-static, and anti-moth-eaten. It has the advantages of pure wool carpets and is the main product of the modern carpet industry. Acrylic (acrylic) carpets are commonly used civilian carpets. It is characterized by affordable price, abrasion resistance and good water absorption. Non-toxic, insect-proof and easy to clean. Due to its artificial material, chemical fiber carpets are prone to static electricity, burning and pollution. Chemical fiber carpets have different surface structures and various finishing effects. For example, chenille carpets have long piles, while PVC carpets are undulating, and different types of applications are used in different places.

7. Plastic carpet

Plastic carpets are made with a variety of chemical ingredients. Soft texture, bright color, waterproof and non-slip, durable and low price. The warmth and comfort of plastic carpets are not as good as other carpets, and they are mostly used in public places such as outdoor, shopping malls or bathrooms.

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