Classification Introduction of Pen Holders

A pen holder, as the name suggests, is a container for holding pens.Modern pen holder, practical and beautiful, is a good product for office desk display.Choosing an exquisite pen holder and placing it in front of the desk will make people feel extremely comfortable.The interesting shape of the pen holder even affects people's working mood and creative emotions.The advertising pen holder not only combines the advantages of the pen holder, but also has publicity value, and has become the first choice for modern enterprise market promotion and employee benefits.

The pen holder has the characteristics of high cost performance, beautiful appearance, complete structure, great flexibility, superior performance, natural colors, rich and varied, beautiful patterns, etc.It is one of the must-haves for desks with diverse styles.Modern pen holder desktop stationery types are mainly divided into the following categories:

Plastic Pen Holder Desktop Stationery

Plastic pen holder desktop stationery is mainly composed of tough materials, generally made of polyvinyl chloride material, and plastic pen holders are chemically more stable than ordinary material pen holders.

Wooden Pen Holder Desktop Stationery

There are almost no restrictions on the material of the wooden pen holder.The main consideration is that the brittleness is not high, and a little toughness is also required.

Metal Pen Holder Desktop Stationery

The metal pen holder is mainly made of tinplate, which is light and does not rust.

Bamboo Pen Holder Desktop Stationery

The production process of bamboo pen holder desktop stationery is relatively simple, mainly because of the need for edge grinding.

Foam Pen Holder Desktop Stationery

Foam pen holder desktop stationery is generally made of more resilient foam materials, and there is a lot of room for selection of styles and colors.

The pen holder is a small study tool with a wide range of applications.In ancient times, the pen holder was favored by literati for its artistic personality and high cultural taste, especially the exquisitely carved pen holder, which was quite popular among literati.Developed to modern times, it is more suitable for corporate publicity and marketing.

Wooden pen holders and bamboo pen holders are basically handicrafts, and the whole process can be done by hand, which has become the first choice for many women to start a business! Other types of pen holders need to be completed by machines, especially plastic and foam pen holders.Many molding processes need to be completed by machines.Only the process of packaging and trimming can be done by hand.

The design of the pen holder is also very important.The design determines the material and production process.The material determines the durability, and the production determines the practicality.Ease of use is one of the biggest competition points of the pen holder desktop stationery , so the design of the pen holder must be as individual as possible.A little more, start from the user's point of view.

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