The Principle of Choosing Outdoor Leisure Supplies

Many people have a lot of doubts when choosing outdoor leisure supplies. They don't know how to choose. There are two types of outdoor leisure supplies: one is outdoor travel supplies with many types of such. The other is the outdoor supplies for home, which are used for sunshading, leisure and so on.

1. Buy the best outdoor leisure supplies you can afford

Buy the best equipment to save money on changing it. Since you like outdoor sports, you might as well be honest with yourself and ask yourself this question: if you are really interested in playing it for a long time? If the answer is yes, then the second sentence followed: buy the best outdoor leisure supplies you can afford, which will save you more money than buying the equipment casually and then continuously eliminating and upgrading it. If the answer is no, you may not have a long-term interest in playing outdoors, then you don't have to spend too much energy and money on equipment.

2. Use your outdoor leisure supplies reasonably

Don't expect an outdoor leisure supply to cope with a variety of environment conditions. This actually refers to the reasonable use of equipment. A netizen bought a pair of American brand-name lightweight outdoor running shoes that were used for multiple days of load-bearing crossing during the holidays. The shoes could not withstand the torture and had problems. The same principle applies to other equipment. There are special items for special purposes, and there are specializations in the surgical industry.

Maintenance of outdoor leisure supplies is very important, which is actually overlooked by everyone. We never clean up the dirt on hiking shoes, just put the jacket in the washing machine and let the machine do the rest, and never do water repellent treatment on jackets and hiking shoes. Every time we come back, the down sleeping bag is put away intact in a compression bag. All those can be seen everywhere. If you don't take good care of your equipment, how can equipment take good care of you?

3. Choose outdoor leisure supplies that suit you

Outdoor leisure supplies that others are suitable for are not necessarily suitable for you. Because everyone's physical strength, body shape, and living habits are different, they will inevitably choose different equipment to suit them. Take a backpack as an analogy. You might feel cool and handsome when you see someone carrying an 85L bag. But if your physical strength is average, and you mainly take short routes, obviously a lightweight casual backpack is more suitable for you. You may think that the hiking shoes worn by others look good, but you don't know if they are suitable for your foot shape until you try them on. In short, outdoor leisure supplies that suit you are the best.

The most important thing is the running-in of new outdoor leisure supplies. Outdoor equipment is a tool to save your life in a dangerous environment. Bringing it to the dangerous environment before you understand the usage and performance of the equipment is a kind of more dangerous behavior.

4. Try to choose lightweight outdoor leisure supplies to save energy

In fact, everyone likes lightweight outdoor leisure supplies, which can carry less weight, and no one likes to carry more weight. But the actual situation is that as the weight of the equipment decreases, its material quality selection and design changes will inevitably increase, and then the price will increase accordingly. Just look at the tent. The weight of the tent with the same structure and performance has been reduced by a few hundred grams, and the price may have increased by thousands of yuan. This principle is also applicable to other equipment. As for the choice, it depends on your own consideration.

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